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Software for Business
Find the right software or service to meet your business needs. From single person start-ups to stock exchange giants
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DIT is mainly focused on the development of products related to ESS, SEMS, HRMS, FADS, Travel

DIT is an Indian software resource center engaged in catering to the software requirements

Divergent can provide quality software development services or solutions , or manage the entire automation process

Divergent uses several mechanisms to ensure that each project is on track

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients to achieve their business goal by providing innovative, timely and best consulting services.

Our vision is to become a leading outsourcing service provider for information intensive processes by using a suitable blend of technology and personal care, consistently delivering value added service to customers at effective costs.

Divergent payroll software is a safe pair of hands for everything to do with paying your people and keeping your employee information safe. You don't have to be an expert to use it, it's fully recognised by HMRC, and we offer a range of support options so you'll have help on hand when you need it.
Our business software will help save you time so you can focus on the things that are really important in your business; your finances, your people and your customers

Software and services designed for small businesses

We've been helping small businesses like yours for over 10 years, so we know how important good, reliable software is for your business, and how much time you can save with the right software.
We pride ourselves on easy-to-use software combined with our world-class support. And you can rely on Divergent to be there as your business grows - we'll always there to offer practical advice and support.
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