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Software for Business
Find the right software or service to meet your business needs. From single person start-ups to stock exchange   
News & Events
DIT is mainly focused on the development of products related to ESS, SEMS, HRMS, FADS, Travel

DIT is an Indian software resource center engaged in catering to the software requirements

Divergent can provide quality software development services or solutions , or manage the entire automation process

Divergent uses several mechanisms to ensure that each project is on track

Who We Do

Divergent Infosoft Technologies is one of the leading providers of end-to-end outsourcing solutions in the areas of Finance & Accounts, Human Resources & IT Solutions

We succeeded, in large parts because we start with a comprehensive and flexible solution. We're one of the few companies capable of integrating the full range of benefits, payroll, recruiting, learning and other HR services with deep, time-tested expertise.

How to get started

To start a project with Divergent, contact our new Delhi office. We will quickly respond, review your general requirements, and familiarize you with our skills and experience in the relevant areas.

As a next step, we usually develop a detailed written proposal for your review and consideration.
Once we have addressed your questions and concerns, and you have approved the proposal, we will sign a formal contract and assign a project manager to serve as your primary contact throughout the project.
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