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Software for Business
Find the right software or service to meet your business needs. From single person start-ups to stock exchange   
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DIT is mainly focused on the development of products related to ESS, SEMS, HRMS, FADS, Travel

DIT is an Indian software resource center engaged in catering to the software requirements

Divergent can provide quality software development services or solutions , or manage the entire automation process

Divergent uses several mechanisms to ensure that each project is on track

Who We Are

Divergent provides software soutions and outsourcing services for companies

We succeeded, in large parts because we start with a comprehensive and flexible solution. We're one of the few companies capable of integrating the full range of benefits, payroll, recruiting, learning and other HR services with deep, time-tested expertise.

Smart companies have turned to divergent because we provide solutions recognizing each company's unique and developing requirements.

Our clients know they can depend on us: nearly 90% of our largest clients have worked with us for at least five years.

Our leadership, reputation, capabilities and give clients real value in the face of increasingly complex human capital management challenges.

We Believe that our activity is very important because it influences greatly on business development.

Owing to strong focus on coupling business processes & technology platforms, Divergent has been one of the first organizations to have offered platform-based outsourcing solutions.
Our Clients
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