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Technical Outsourcing

We are the leading provider for outsourcing technical support. From start-ups to non-profits, books to accounting software, we work with clients who understand their core competencies and want to outsource their tech support operations.

When you hire us we integrate seamlessly as part of your team and treat your clients exactly the way you want them treated -- with excellence! After all, outsourcing technical support to Hudson is a decision you will make only once.
The technical support outsourcing industry is growing rapidly. As a result, many traditional publishing houses, software publishers and non-profits have told us that they are unhappy with their current provider’s quality and execution.

When you hire Hudson Software Tech Support Services, you can be certain you are getting a reliable partner who will put agents on the telephone and answering your email that you will be proud of. We hire only the best people after a rigorous screening and then put them to work for you!

Outsourcing Technical Support: A Smart Business Option ?

Offshore technical support can no longer be treated as a peripheral process. It requires a dedicated and experienced team who will work around the clock to deliver higher value to customers.

Outsourcing technical support to offshore partners is an astute business decision and many global companies look for offshore partners to outsource technical support services as they face operational constraints such as:

  • High labor costs and attrition rates among technical support staff

  • Keeping infrastructure investments low

  • Optimizing allocation of limited resources

  • Need to relieve core resources of the organization from routine operations
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