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Payroll Compliance

Payroll compliance helps organisations demonstrate transparent behaviour.In order for businesses to stay in payroll compliance with wage and hour laws, employers need to accurately track employee time and information. Complex regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FLSA, FMLA, Department of Labor laws, and internal policies like union rules can put organizations at risk for litigation and fines.

Divergent supports management with proper administration of labor-intensive policies and regulations while improving payroll compliance with organizational policies and government requirements. Errors in data can leave any business vulnerable for a class action wage and hour lawsuit, which represent the majority of claims against employers.

Accurate payroll compliance is a very critical part of the success of your business. Management of cash flow is essential to your company's endurance. Payroll compliance is crucial to your organization's survival. Also, payroll accuracy is a key to employee satisfaction. Payroll compliance and payroll processing can take hours and hours each pay period. This does not include all the time spent trying to stay current with labor laws and business regulations.

Transparent Audit Trails

Establish transparent audit trails with clear personal accountability. Your audit will be more effective if the payroll, HR and finance teams all join forces to create it. Once processes are developed, auditing is easier.

Compulsory Training for Employees

It is important that each person involved understands the important role they play in linking every stage together. This is particularly important when implementing payroll software, as it will ensure that it is being used efficiently.

Powerful Reporting

Divergent powerful payroll compliance reporting tools grant management the ability to easily capture real-time information to view current and historical data. Our payroll compliance reporting will empower your team with informed decision-making capabilities and payroll insight in order to stay in compliance improving your performance and increase operating efficiencies.
Divergent ensures your employees work within designated limits and are paid properly so that your risks are mitigated.

Properly Manage Employee Leaves

With Divergent’s leave management you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees�working times and activities. The leave management system gives managers the ability to automate alerts directly from their leave management database and trigger appropriate disciplinary actions or rewards giving you the ability to track all absences (first day, incidental, unscheduled) and leaves, including FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)and state.

International Requirements

Laws differ widely. For instance, in Mexico, employees must be registered with the same bank as their employer in order to receive their salary into their account. It is important you recognise the volume of in-country legislation and the internal policies you need in order to remain compliant.

Overtime Management

Divergent empowers you to proficiently and successfully manage your payroll compliance information. Divergent helps you to effectively manage and track all employee overtime. This ensures all your employees work within designated limits and are paid properly so that your risks are mitigated and you are in full payroll compliance.

Divergent helps you with payroll compliance audits via:

  • The consistent application of complex pay policies
  • Properly managing employee leaves
  • Tracking overtime
  • Powerful reporting
  • Audit trails
  • Achieving historical labor and wage data
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